The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is an industry taxonomy developed by MSCI and Standard & Poor's (S&P) for use by the global financial community. The GICS structure consists of 10 sectors, 24 industry groups, 68 industries and 154 sub-industries into which S&P has categorized all major public companies. The system is similar to ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark), a classification structure maintained by Dow Jones Indexes and FTSE Group.

GICS is used as a basis for S&P and MSCI financial market indexes in which each company is assigned to a sub-industry, and to a corresponding industry, industry group and sector, according to the definition of its principal business activity.

"GICS" is a registered trademark of McGraw-Hill and is currently assigned to S&P.[1]

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CodeSectorSubcodeIndustry Groups
20 Industrials 2010 Capital Goods
2020 Commercial & Professional Services
2030 Transportation
25 Consumer Discretionary 2510 Automobiles & Components
2520 Consumer Durables & Apparel
2530 Hotels Restaurants & Leisure
2540 Media
2550 Retailing
30 Consumer Staples 3010 Food & Drug Retailing
3020 Food, Beverage & Tobacco
3030 Household & Personal Products
35 Health Care 3510 Health Care Equipment & Services
3520 Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
40 Financials 4010 Banks
4020 Diversified Financials
4030 Insurance
4040 Real Estate
45 Information Technology 4510 Software & Services
4520 Technology Hardware & Equipment
4530 Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment
50Telecommunication Services5010Telecommunication Services

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